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February 9, 2012
Dave Semon calculates his possible gas tax increase with Fox 45: Check the news story here

February 9, 2012
MTA Chairman Dee Hodges discusses the many tax increases Gov. Martin O'Malley is proposing for Maryland: Listen to the podcast here

MTA sponsors Annapolis property tax limit petition.... Download petition here. Annapolis city residents will be receiving petitions in the mail. By signing on, Annapolitans going to the polls in November will be able to vote for a property tax revenue limit. Since 2002, tax revenues more than doubled. This amendment would protect property owners in the city the same way they are protected in their county. So...Annapolitans look for this petition in the mail. Door-to-door canvassers will also be out later. But don't wait, sign and send your petition as soon as your receive it. MTA notes that most, if not all, jurisdictions have been spending way beyond the incomes of Marylanders and the growth in the state's economy. Only Annapolis city voters can sign the petition. Mail it to: City Tax Cap Petition Drive, c/o MD Taxpayers Association, PO Box 6075, Annapolis, MD 21403.

MTA President Herb McMillan writes in The Capital here on why Annapolis needs this tax limit.

More on the Annapolis tax limit petition from the Annapolis Capital . Even more info appears here .

Annapolis city resident and MTA President Herb McMillan is leading this tax limit effort. To get involved, contact MTA. Phone numbers and e-mail address is located on lower left side of this page. McMillan notes that other jurisdictions should be watching this effort. Only 5 Maryland counties have a property tax revenue limit in place. More on this will be available in this space soon.

Maryland is more than $2billion in deficit for FY 2010, some say closer to $3 billion. MTA Chairman Dee Hodges wrote about General Assembly leaders Mike Miller and Michael Busch and their recent discussion of state concerns. See Baltimore Sun here .

Maryland is a blue state. Read about other blue states, Washington state and Maine voting Nov. 3 on a Taxpayer Bill of Rights to limit the growth of state spending. Maryland is suffering from multi-billion deficits.

Read MTA President Herb McMillan on "O'Malley Math."

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Hodges and McMillian

Former delegate Herb McMillan of Anne Arundel County conducting his first board meeting as new MTA president, Dee Hodges is to his left.

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Today we need your help to keep the pressure turned up. Please join MTA now. You can do so either online or by mail. Your $25 membership will be a bargain, considering all the public accountability we can bring to the Annapolis taxers by working together.

Printable 'Join MTA' Flyer

Letter to the Maryland Taxpayer Advocate:
Fight Tax Hikes Effectively

Peter Huessy - MOntgomery County

MTA board member Peter Huessy of Montgomery County making a point.

Fiscal Notes

The fine print of the governor's enacted special-session proposals.

Click on bill number to see the FINAL fiscal note.
  • HB1 Fiscal and Policy Note on the Budget Reconciliation Act
  • SB2 Tax Reform Act of 2007
  • SB3 Maryland Education Trust Fund - Video Lottery Terminals
  • HB4 Video Lottery Terminals - Authorization and Limitations
  • HB5 Transportation Investment Act
  • SB6 Working Families and Small Business Health Coverage.

The Legislative Wrap-Up - DLS Report on the Special Session

"Maryland's Fiscal Folly," NTU's 2006 analysis of Maryland spending

State Senator Andy Harris receives MTA Legislator of the Decade award from President Dee Hodges at the January meeting of center-right coalition groups. Dr. Harris has consistently voted against new taxes and the latest two excessive budget increases. This is the first of several similar citations to be awarded to legislators.